What is Intuit PaperTrail?

Intuit PaperTrail takes the stress out of keeping your business organized. It’s perfect for preparing for tax time. Capture pictures of your receipts, log your business miles, and maximize your total deductions. Come tax time, email your tracked information to an accountant in an organized spreadsheet. It even syncs with Apple’s iCloud so all of your data can be restored if your phone is lost or replaced.

If you are sick of keeping that old shoebox to store receipts or hate the hassle of entering the miles you drive in a trip log, Intuit PaperTrail is the answer!  Best of all, Intuit PaperTrail is FREE, nada, zippo…did we mention it’s FREE?!

You’re a small business.  You do what you do because it’s your passion, and we want you to stick to that. Invest your time in what makes your business special, and worry less about staying organized; we’ll make that easy!


One thought on “What is Intuit PaperTrail?

  1. This app is good. It will do what it says and I will keep better bookkeeping. It would be even better if you could select different vehicles to record miles on one app. I have multiple vehicles that I drive for two different company’s.

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